Happy Holidays!

"Hronia polla" is a Greek wish that means "many years". So... Hronia Polla with Joy and Love! Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

2014 Recap!

New year is around the corner and as always I have too many New Year resolutions. One of them is to blog more. I miss blogging!

So... Let's have a 2014 recap!

I made a huge fish.

And then 100 tiny fish.

I made a big and a teeny tiny amigurumi. It's an huge owl and a tiny penguin!

I made tons of penguins...

and lots of them were brides and grooms.

I met the sweetest girls: Vasiliki from D-art and Marietta from Double Crochets!

30 Amigurumi traveled to New York, for the World Amigurumi Exhibition!

I'll be back for more! 

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